State of Trump

Tonight, the President will address the nation that he serves. The state of the union is a unique event because it reveals the President’s own opinions on how his administration is doing.

Some time ago, someone thought it would be funny to sign me up for Trump’s campaign emails and try as I might, they refuse to allow me to unsubscribe o I continue to get emails asking for money. Tonight, I got one that said if I donated, my name would be listed during the speech. I hope that the whole speech is not Trump reading a list of people who gave him $1.
It thankfully was not a fundraising callout, but it was very long. The third longest address in history. There was a tone of optimism in the speech that was a strong contrast from the way many Americans feel about the state of the country. While he had many grand “Huge” things to say about the accomplishments of his Whitehouse, many disagree.  While I doubt there has ever been anything a president said that everyone agreed on, the case is even more true for the Trump Presidency and not without merit. He has often been accused and proven to be less than truthful in his statements so every word he says is taken with a grain of salt. At least with me.

Instead of focusing on what he said, I think a lot can be examined by what he did not mention. There was no discussion or mention of the Russia investigation that has been a constant talking point about his administration. In my opinion this would have been a great chance to say something. He recently announced that he would be willing to talk to investigators under oath about Russian meddling, but he said nothing in his address.

Personally, one of the worst things that did not get mentioned was the nationwide #metoo movement. Especially from a man that has been accused by many women to have harassed and assaulted women. Many women in the audience wore black to show solidarity to the movement but the commander and Chief had nothing to say about something that has knocked powerful men from their offices.

Trump as usual had a lot to say and a lot of praise to give himself. His speech was an attempt at selling how his Whitehouse sees unity, but it did not convince me. One sentence of his address stands out to me, “Americans are dreamers too” There was a lot of talk about the American dream, but I saw this as his way of placing who he considers ‘Americans’ and those who he does not. In my mind this means he is not putting the needs of all Americans first, just the ones who would support him and his ideals.


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