My name is Katherine Coker but everyone calls me Katie. I’m from Birmingham Alabama and have lived in Nebraska for about 5 years. I’m a Journalism major with two minors, photography and creative writing.

A blog that I enjoy is linked below. While I’m not sure it is considered a blog persay, it is all about one topic, by one person. It is actually a twitter stream but I follow it on another site that streamlines it. It’s about a man who works for Buzzfeed as a writer and his apartment is supposedly haunted. The blog follows the happenings in his apartment. While I think there is a good chance it’s fake, it’s still enjoyable to follow.

Dear David

Problems with UNK

Sometimes I wonder if the things that bother me today, were always there or did they just appear? UNK for instance was once a near flawless place in my eyes but as time has passed, that mentality has faded. I notice the flaws in the system, the issues that go unaddressed and the changes that upset or flat out make problems for their students. Parking is of course everyone’s main complaint but Spring Semester is always easier for some reason so I’ll set that well known issue aside for now. Last semester I lost over 200 dollars to the University simply because I couldn’t spend all the money on my plan. With most of the options for spending closed and my work schedule making it hard to be on campus to spend my money, I wasn’t able to spend it all. I called and asked if it could be rolled over or cashed out. After all…I had paid for every dime of that money but I was told no and better luck next year. I was furious but I knew nothing I said or did would really make a difference. The fact that online credits do not translate to counted credits when using the health clinic on campus, forcing students to pay upwards of 90 dollars to use the services. However, the thing that is bothering me most is something that didn’t happen to me but to a friend. 3 years into his degree, my friend Andrew was informed this week that his degree was no longer an option and he needed to find a new path. No reimbursement for the classes he had taken for a degree they would no longer honor, no advice, and no assistance. He was left high and dry by a university he had paid thousands of dollars to with nothing to show for it. I do not know who I should blame for these changes or what to do about them but there has been a shift that is making the university less friendly for those who pay the majority of the bills and salaries and that’s something that needs to definitely change

Monuments to White Supremacy


I grew up in Birmingham Alabama, a place that once was the front lines of the battle for racial equality. I grew up well aware of my cities sordid past and I was ashamed that such atrocities had taken place on the streets I walked and that I loved. The memorials in my city were to those who fought to right a terrible wrong, those who were hosed and attacked for simply asking to be treated the same as those of a different skin color.  In Kelly Ingram Park, there are numbers of installations that portray the struggles and dangers civil rights protesters endured. In recent months there has a number of protests over civil war “heroes” monuments removed from public spaces. They say by doing so we will forget history. I disagree. These men will be remembered but they will no longer be held aloft like they were more than mere men. There are better people in history that deserve that pedestal then those who fought against their own country because they didn’t want to lose their slaves. Anyone who fights to keep a people down, does not deserve to be remembered as a hero.  Place the statues in museums with the correct context on their actions and place people who sought to do good in the world in city centers. We need to remember our history but it needs to be remembered in the correct way, with brutal honesty.